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Our home health classes in Broken Arrow are designed with families and lay people in mind. The more knowledge and training a caregiver has, the longer life expectancy of the patient, and a better quality of life for both the caregiver and the care receiver. Hospital readmission, secondary illnesses, and injuries are all less likely to occur when a caregiver, or CNA has obtained additional knowledge and resources.

There are many reasons why future nurses, healthcare workers and students from all walks of life choose Family Caregiver Assistance as their CNA/Home Health Aide school. Many students attend Family Caregiver Assistance for several different reasons: Our beautiful new nursing facility located right off the Broken Arrow Expressway, our knowledgeable, experienced nursing staff, or our Rose District location.

Classes Are Designed With You In Mind

“Our classes are designed with you in mind. Our evening classes are perfect for working adults with busy schedules, and our day classes allow students to obtain their certification as fast as possible."

– Natasha Dahm

Nurse and Instructor

CNA training classroom in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

Our CNA Training

Family Caregiver Assistance’s brand new modern facility was built in 2018. Our classroom and nursing lab provide a relaxed, enjoyable learning environment for our students. Our cozy training facility allows students to learn via lecture, digital media, videos, on site clinical training, and hands on training with a nurse instructor. Our instructors have years of experience teaching nursing assistant courses in the state of Oklahoma as well as supervising nursing assistants after they enter the Oklahoma workforce. We not only teach students how to pass their tests, we also teach them real world experience so they can be adequately prepared for their new job in the healthcare field.

Why Broken Arrow?

Broken Arrow, Oklahoma not only offers an amazing place to live and raise a family, it also provides wonderful places for individuals to advance their education and better their lives. Whether students are interested in potentially getting a job in the healthcare field, or are wanting to start their career in nursing, Family Caregiver Assistance prepares our students to pass their state exam, become certified nursing assistants, and go on to serve Broken Arrow, our surrounding communities, and the State of Oklahoma.

Family Caregiver Assistance is not just an average certified nursing assistant school, it is Broken Arrow’s local, family, veteran and nurse owned training facility.

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About Us

Our goal, dream, and vision is that as many people in our community as possible are able to attend our classes. At Family Caregiver Assistance, we not only want our students to attend and gain instruction on how to be a caregiver, but we want them to leave with a newfound reassurance and confidence, so they can in turn safely and properly help the person they are caring for have their needs met. Whether someone is caring for a loved one during a short term illness, a long term illness, or end of life issues, giving individuals the knowledge they need will empower them, provide for safety, decrease healthcare costs, and improve people’s lives.

Why Become A CNA?

As a local company we understand that the impact future healthcare related jobs have on our community and upon the State of Oklahoma is incalculable. Healthcare careers are in high demand. Nurses, medical assistants, phlebotomist and home health aides are just a few of the jobs that need filled as soon as possible. Tulsa county is known for its hospitals and healthcare facilities. Thousands of individuals visit our community every year solely to obtain some form of medical care. How would those facilities operate without current and future nursing staff to fill their much needed roles? Having a local training facility allows people In the community the opportunity and means to fill these very important nursing jobs without having to move to another city or state.

What's Next?

Becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant in the state of Oklahoma provides individuals with countless healthcare related job opportunities. Nurse Aide Training Courses can be done in as little as two weeks which means our classes offer students the fastest and cheapest way to enter the medical/healthcare field without having to commit to years of training and high costs. Becoming a nurse assistant has never been easier! Come join our next Class today!

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Questions about any of our local nursing classes? Simply send us a message here or call us directly at (918) 713-2323.


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