About Our Healthcare Training Facility

Our goal, dream, and vision is to help as many people as possible advance their training and reach their career goals. At Family Caregiver Assistance, we not only want our students to attend and gain instruction, but we want them to leave with a newfound assurance and confidence, so they can in turn safely and properly give great care to the people they are helping. Whether it is someone's loved one during a short term illness, a long term illness, or end of life issues, giving individuals the knowledge they need will empower them, provide for safety quality care, decrease healthcare costs, and improve people’s lives.

Our team of nurses and healthcare worker's goal is to help teach and assure that our students are equipped and prepared for the healthcare career they are working to build.

Natasha Dahm, our primary instructor and manager, is a native Oklahoman and local nurse with years of experience successfully training other seeking to begin CNA and nursing careers.

The owner of a CNA class provider in Tulsa, Oklahoma