NG tube, Respiratory and Nebulizer Med Aide Advancement


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NG tube, Respiratory and Nebulizer Med Aide Advancement

Our ACMA classes are offered at our Rose District Broken Arrow location.  This 8 hour course Advancement class covers the administration of Respiratory medications  with inhalers and nebulizers, as well as administering medications and nutrients through a Peg-Tube, Oralgastric or Nasogastric under the supervision of a licensed nurse.  To take this class you must have been a CNA for at least 6 months and have a current Oklahoma CMA certification.

Learning objectives:

  1. Understanding Gastrointestinal  and Respiratory systems
  2. Methods for providing nourishment and medications.
  3. Familiarization with G-tube equipment and supplies.
  4. G-tubes Insertion by a licensed nurse and assessment of placement.
  5. How to check stomach contents prior to the use of the G-tube.
  6. Signs, symptoms, and responses to potential problems associated with G-tube use for nutrition and medication.
  7. Methods for delivery of medications via respiratory System.
  8. Familiarization with equipment and supplies for MDI (metered dose inhalers) and nebulizers.
  9. Administering medications with MDI and nebulizers.
  10. Signs, symptoms, and responses to potential problems associated with the administration of medications by MDI and nebulizers.


  1. Minimum Age: 18 Years.
  2. Current CNA Certification
  3. Current Oklahoma CMA certification
  4. Six months working experience as CNA
  5. No license abuse notations
  6. The ability to safely perform duties

Bring to Class:

  1. Two Forms of identification. (One must be a Social Security Card, and the other must be a photo ID, such as a current State Identification card or Driver’s License.)
  2. Pen/pencil and paper for notes
  3. A smile and readiness to learn


Certification and State Exam:

To pass this course you must score 80% or higher on written exams and 100% on Skills exams.  Upon completion the student will be issued a Training Verification Form unless there is a Tuition balance due.  In such cases the Verification form will be issued after final payments are completed.  There is NO State Exam for this CMA Advancement.  Upon completion Family Healthcare Training will mail the Training Verification form to the Oklahoma Nurse Aide Registry within 7 business days.  Once received the students Advancement will be added to the Oklahoma Nurse Aide Registry.  


Additional information

Nasogastric/Respiratory Adv.

March 13th Wednesday 8:30-5:00, April 9th Tuesday 8:30-5:00, May 14th Tuesday 8:30-5:00, June 11th Tuesday 8:30-5:00