Ask us about getting your Letter of Acceptance to help with your financial aid application process.
Funding for eligible Students can be obtained through Oklahoma Works, a state Agency that helps providing education scholarships for students to apply towards their training.  Accepted Students can obtain funding for tuition, scrubs, certification, supplies, testing and other fees.  Ask us about getting your Letter of Acceptance to help with your financial aid application process. 
Contacting your Oklahoma Works Case worker is the fastest way for you to receive information needed to apply for tuition assistance.  If you do not have an Oklahoma Works Case worker contact at Workforce Center listed below or Call Family Caregiver Assistance at 918-713-2323 for information on tuition assistance and workforce contact information.
Please be aware that filling out an application and obtaining funding from Workforce can take 2 or more weeks, will require 2 forms of government issued identification, a current resume, and potentially other paperwork.

If you are interested in Workforce funding to attend our classes we recommend contacting Family Caregiver Assistance at 918-713-2323 or for  information about getting accepted to our available classes or calling Workforce at 918-796-1200 and letting them know you would like to attend a Family Caregiver Assistance CNA/HHA class.

If you are enrolling from Tulsa, Osage, Creek or Pawnee counties and do not currently have a Workforce case worker you can begin the application process online by clicking on this link  That link contains detailed instructions.
For questions regarding your Oklahoma Works funding in your county of residence please call us with any questions or contact your local workforce location.   Below is a map and listing of Workforce Center locations.

Workforce Centers